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Webinar: Werknemersmobiliteit en CO2 uitstoot vermindering

Webinar: Werknemersmobiliteit en CO2 uitstoot vermindering

Skipr en CO2 Logic

Partner event


Are you wondering what is the impact of the CO2 footprint your company is producing? Are you looking for ways to reduce your carbon dioxide emission? How do you take concrete actions?

Join Skipr and @Co2logic during a 45-minute webinar on the impact of mobility on companies’ efforts towards CO2 reduction. You’ll be guided through this online seminar by two visionary founders, whose charisma will undoubtedly draw you in. Mathieu and Antoine will be discussing the main carbon dioxide footprint sources for companies and exactly why it is important to tackle mobility first.
We’ll take you through the concrete steps that you could be taking and the legal framework behind it.

During the last 15 minutes, our panelists will be available to respond to any questions you might still have.
Come hear us out and we hope to see you there!

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